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Non-Halal Restaurants in Bangalore

The following is a list of restaurants that serve Pork or Non-Halal meats in Bangalore :
  1. Sunny's - Lavelle Road & 100 ft. road, Indiranagar - Bangalore (serves pork)
  2. Mangalore Pearl - Coles road, Frazer town, Bangalore (serves pork)
  3. Something Fishy - Langford Garden, Shanti Nagar, Bangalore (serves pork)
  4. Mekong - Sarjapur road, Bangalore (serves pork)
  5. Cirrus - 100 ft. road, Indiranagar, Bangalore (serves pork)
  6. In Wok - Richmond road, Bangalore (serves pork)
  7. New Peking - Kammanahalli main road, Bangalore (serves pork)
  8. Wok with Chung - Martahalli - Varthur road, Bangalore (serves pork)
  9. Chinese Cottage - Koramanagala club road, 6th block, Koramanagala, Bangalore (serves pork)
  10. Hunan - New BEL Road, Bangalore (serves pork)
  11. Millers 46 Steakhouse - Miller Road, Bangalore (serves pork)
  12. The Grill House - between CSI hospital & 100 ft road (serves pork). They also have a branch in Ulsoor (near the Gurudwara) where they don't serve pork.
  13. Chung Wah - Residency road (serves pork)
  14. High on Thai - 100 ft. road, Indiranagar (serves pork)
  15. Koshy's / Jewel Box - St. Marks Road (serves pork)
  16. Shangrila - Brigade Road (serves pork)    

Pizza Chains in Bangalore that serve Pork :
  1. Dominos - (serves pork) all branches are considered Non-Halal as they have a central kitchen where all ingredients are handled & then sent to individual stores. 
  2. Pizza Hut & Pizza Hut delivery - (serves pork) all branches are considered Non-Halal as they have a central kitchen where all ingredients are handled & then sent to individual stores.

Halal-friendly Five Star Hotels? A myth in India!

During a recent trip in South India, Allah was kind (as always) & I was afforded the luxury of staying at a five star. Although I did not originally intend to share my feedback with the hotel, recent discussions on HFG's FB page make me feel that it may add some value to the myth some Muslims have that Five Stars serve Halal Food!!

There isn't anything more absurd than that! While Indian five stars have separate kitchens for vegetarian & non-vegetarian food.. they have NO separate kitchen for Halal & Haraam foods..

When contacted for feedback, I wrote back that I was unhappy about the unavailability of Halal Food at their hotel. Here is my subsequent conversation with their GM.

 (All names have been disguised so as to not adversely impact the hotel's reputation or brand)
On 07-Mar-2013, at 7:57 PM, " R " <gm@XYZcom> wrote:
Dear F,
Thank you for choosing XYZ for your stay. We have taken a note of your dietary preferences. Post your discussion with Chef S, I would like to assure you that all mutton that we get in the hotel is indeed halaal. However, being a 5 star hotel, we have to cater to varied tastes including that of our expat guests.
Having said that I would like to assure you that we will take care of your preferences as far as possible during your next visit.
I look forward to welcome you again soon to XYZ, SI city.
Warm Regards
General Manager
Brand Name
Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2013 8:47 PM
To: GM
Cc: Chef
Subject: XYZ - eSurvey Feedback
Thanks R, your hospitality has been exceptional.
Full points on that front.
As far as Halal Food is concerned, I did indeed have a good discussion with the chef.
While the mutton maybe Halal, the chances of contamination in a common kitchen (that also serves pork) are high.
Increasingly, as we go forward you will see a demand for Strictly Halal foods in the Indian setting. Look forward to seeing a pioneer such as XYZ  & Mr. ABC in particular taking the lead in setting up Halal-friendly kitchens.

Sent from my iPhone
On 08-Mar-2013, at 9:23 AM, R  <> wrote:
Dear F,
Thanks a lot for your inputs. I will take this up with my corporate team as well.
Hope to see you back in SI city soon.
General Manager

Non-Halal Food in New Delhi & NCR

Following are the restaurants in the National Capital Region that either serve pork or use non-Halal meats :

  1. Bahi Kitchen Lounge Bar - Golf Course Road (serves pork)
  2. Revv Café - GK 1 (serves pork)
  3. Dine-Esty - Sushant Lok (serves pork)
  4. Café Pinocchio - DLF Phase 1 (serves pork)
  5. Radisson Blu Hotel (RED) - Sector 18, Noida (serves pork)
  6. Blue Frog - Mehrauli (serves pork)
  7. Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill - Ambience Mall, Gurgaon (serves pork)
  8. The Kylin Experience - Vasant Vihar (serves pork)
  9. Golden Dragon - Rajouri Garden (serves pork)

Non-Halal Restaurant Chains in India

So, we've been thinking... and thinking and we finally thought, you know what... lets just do it! Its Haram, has no place on the Halal Food Guide... so we'd like to compile a list of establishments that you must simply avoid!

No second thoughts, no need to look around anymore! Just DON'T STOP BY at any of these places!
So here is a list of restaurants that serve Pork / Bacon / Ham / Italian Sausages / Spanish Sausages / Baby Pig Ribs / Salami / Pepperoni / Blood cakes / pork fat or lard laced food & everything else that would want to make you throw up!

Or they simply may be serving Non-Halal chicken, mutton or beef.. stuff that will send a Muslim straight to hell!

The list below is a Work-in-Progress at all times! :)

Chain Restaurants

  1. TGIF - (serves pork)
  2. Dominos - (serves pork)
  3. Pizza Hut - (serves pork) 
  4. McDonald's in North & East India - counter staff have advised that it is not Halal in North (including Jammu) & East India (Franchisee : Connaught Plaza Restaurants) / South & West India Franchisee claims they are Halal.
  5. Hard Rock café - (serves pork)
  6. California Pizza Kitchen - (serves pork)
  7. Shiro's - (serves pork)
  8. MaiTai - (serves pork)
  9. Trader Vic's - (serves pork)

NOT HALAL : Dominos in India

Restaurant Name : Dominos
Specialities : Pizza
Alcohol Status : Not served
Pork Served : YES
Halal Status : NOT HALAL
Meat Source :  to be confirmed
Bangalore Location(s) : Multiple
Door delivery : Yes
Phone number : -
Website :